NetIO Controller Application

A generic remote control for your projects!

your remote control in minutes

with NetIO you can create a custom remote for your project without coding Java or Obj-C.

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    NetIO is a multi platform smartphone application, a generic remote controller for almost everything. It simply sends and reads strings over a network socket. You can easily communicate with microcontrollers or PCs connected to your LAN!

    If you have any questions or problems, found bugs or whatever, please write into the forum or a mail to ! The App does not work out of the box, so please contact me before writing bad reviews. A lot of customers made their projects work!

    Latest changes in the apps, website and UI-Designer can be seen in the Changelog.

    Latest News

    We released version 2.0 for iOS and Android! We made many changes so if anything went wrong, contact us and we will help to migrate. Also check this forum post with information about the new connection handling.

    The home automation project reembox went OpenSource! Build your own home automation and control it with NetIO! We also have some assembly kits on stock.


    Find examples and tutorials for different hardware like Arduino, Raspberry PI or your PC.


    A detailed description of all features and the JSON exchange format which is used for storing NetIO configurations.


    It is hard to get started and the app just won't connect or does not what you want? Get your project running like a lot of others did!


    Do you have any questions, comments or feature request? Use the forum to ask and share your ideas.


    This place is for sharing your projects. Everyone can create a project and show his application.


    A browser-based web application for creating NetIO configurations. It supports Drag&Drop and is able to edit all app features.