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User Projects

On this site, users can publish their project including a NetIO configuration (direct link from UI-Designer).

Of course, connection details are hidden and not published.

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Apr 2017 by a

The author has not provided a summary yet!

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Arduino ESP8266 RGB Led Con...

Mar 2017 by Erdem44

Arduino ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module RGB Led Remote Control

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Arduino Slider Control

Mar 2017 by Erdem44

Arduino Remote Slider Control

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Step Motor Control

Mar 2017 by Erdem44

StepMotorController(Raspberry Pi - L298N)

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Feb 2017 by Jesusrios

Es una app para comunicarse con rasberry pi

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ESP8266-12-F und NetIO

Feb 2017 by mcgiver0510

Experimentier Board für ESP8266-12-F mit AP und Beispiel-Sketch

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Jan 2017 by marcus0100

Test von Polin Teil

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Yacht/Car Protecion (Contro...

Jan 2017 by IPTRAIN

Netio working with Raspberry. Purpose Car & Yacht Control & Monitoring System

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Jan 2017 by asachs8

Ein Steuergerät welches die Außenbeleuchtung eines Hauses und die Standheizung im Auto steuert.

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Oct 2016 by MartinHummel

Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule - Praktikum Im wesentlichen wird hier das Projekt "CAN BUS TEST" weitergeführt und für das Praktikum im FB Informatik und Mathematik / Automobile Kommunikati...

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Sep 2016 by Brandeisr


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Audio Controller for BBB

Apr 2016 by francolargo

The Beaglebone Black and audio 'capes' allow us to build music players that are anywhere from modest to full-audiophile quality. NetIO can control all the inputs, outputs, and 'pre-amp' functions.

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Mar 2016 by mcgiver0510

Experimentier-Board für den RPI-ZERO mit CAN,Lan und WLan-Access-Point

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E-Carry 303 RC Fernsteuerung

Mar 2016 by mayrover

Mit dem iPhone das MayRover System fernsteuern

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Fontys AEV-bot

Feb 2016 by Wijnand

The goal of this project is to design a remote control based on the ESP8266 as piggyback on an existing mobile robot (AEV-bot) and NetIO.

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Feb 2016 by Westcliff_100u

Kleine Steuerung auf der Basis eines Pollin Net-IO´s für FHEM

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UDP - Beispiel

Feb 2016 by mcgiver0510

UDP Client und Server ( eventBased und parseResponse )

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Feb 2016 by Xenon1980

Ich betreibe mittlerweile für meinen Koi Teich 4 Siemens Logo Steuerungen. Ich habe so gut wie es geht alles automatisiert. Logocontrol ermöglicht mir auch Push Nachrichten bei besonderen Ereig...

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Jan 2016 by netio-tux

Das Projekt besteht aus der "Spielkiste" als Vorstudie und der "Spielanlage" Spur Z. Die Steuerung wird mit einem Smartphone realisiert.

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Jan 2016 by spookb

Steuerung der Jalousien über ein Smartphone

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CAN Bus Test

Dec 2015 by MartinHummel

Das Projekt aktiviert über den Raspberry die Ansteuerung eines CAN Bus (125 kBaud), welcher ein Relais auf dem Arduino Uno (mit CAN Shield) auslöst. Der Arduino erfasst dabei den Zustand des Relais...

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Model Railway Control

Dec 2015 by IPTRAIN

NETIO UI for WIFi Control of Model-Railways. Raspberry Pi Modules are installed in Locomotives - coupled by TCP/IP via Router to the Android Smartphone. User Interface is NETIO with dedicate...

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smarthome köln

Dec 2015 by brobomi

Bedienung und Anzeige eines Smarthomes über NetIO. Für jeden Raum gibt es eine Seite, zusätzlich gibt es Seiten zur Mediensteuerung.

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Dec 2015 by brobomi

Energiekostenerfassung bis in kleinste Detail

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Demo Multiple Variables

Nov 2015 by didier9

Demo controller with 8 variables that can be individually controlled

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Gleisbildstellwerk I

Nov 2015 by bellobeck

WLAN-Gleisbildstellwerk für Modelleisenbahn mit aktiver Rückmeldung. HW-Basis Raspi-Module "Train Control WLAN 2.3" von TrainLine (Germany)

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Nov 2015 by egnazio

WI-Fi controlled submersible unit

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Fhem per HTTP steuern

Oct 2015 by klausreichenecker2

kurzes Beispiel wie Fhem direkt per HTTP angesteuert werden kann

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WiFi uP Module Ex-Store

Oct 2015 by Helmut_number_one

Diese Configuration hat zwar 4 Schalter, jedoch nur eine IP-Adresse. Einfach nur die IP-Adressen in der Conection Seite nachtragen und die neue Connection in Selection Seite beim Button eintragen.

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Pic Home Automation mit RN ...

Oct 2015 by Onkeltom

Heimautomation mit Pic 18F46k80 und RN Wifly Modul. Funktioniert im WLAN und per Internet.

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Aug 2015 by moe

Interface to control and setup LOGIXCRAFT products LXC series.

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Aug 2015 by electroclo

The author has not provided a summary yet!

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Jul 2015 by pjoray

Python Udp avec piface import socket import pifacedigitalio as pfio from RPIO import PWM servo=PWM.Servo() pfio.init() # A UDP server UDP_IP = "" UDP_PORT = 7777 UDPS...

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Exploration Robot Project

Jul 2015 by Erdem44

The author has not provided a summary yet!

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Home Control 2.0

Jul 2015 by geforce1994

The author has not provided a summary yet!

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Jun 2015 by Zappelmann

Inspirtiert und faziniert von den Möglichkeiten die sich in der heutigen Zeit bieten, beschloss ich einen Roboter zu entwickeln der wie ein Wegbegleiter mich in meinem Leben begeleiten soll, um zuk...

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Pokeys Haus mit Pokeys57E

May 2015 by Helmut_number_one

NetIO mit Pokeys 57E Modul, dazu habe ein Purebasic Programm geschrieben, das die PositionsNr der Daten aus dem Pokeys57E xml-File ermittelt, gern per Mail. Es wird demnächst eine Version geben,...

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May 2015 by Lucaspp

I am using Arduino example for configuring a ESP8266 - NodeMCU - Lua Script firmware. this controls 3 LED´s and return back to the NetIO APP their states.

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Remote LCD

May 2015 by pej1999

Control a 16x2 RGB LCD over Wi-Fi. Change the message, set the backlight to any RGB color, and toggle it on and off. It's made with an Esquilo dev board and a Newhaven serial LCD.

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May 2015 by Jo

How to connect KOUKAAM -- NETIO-230C 4 socket switch with NetIO app

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Fhem Tablet

May 2015 by noice

Da ich Fehm benutze und es gern über ein Tablet an der Wand steuern möchte habe ichmich zu dieser App entschieden. Plots und ähnliches sind mir nicht wichtig

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Einfache Verbindung mit dem...

Apr 2015 by simi-chan

Hier erkläre ich in einzelnen Schritten, wie man die NetIO-App schnell und einfach mit dem raspberry pi verbinden kann um komfortabel verschiedene Befehle auszuführen. Und das ganze ohne netio_serv...

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Model Railway Switch Contro...

Apr 2015 by IPTRAIN

Hi All, this movie to demonstrate an easy to realize Model Railway switch (or any other decive) control to be operated simultaneously via Windows and Android. In this example relais technolog...

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Yun Universal Remote

Apr 2015 by donelvino

Das Ziel dieses Arduino Yun Projekts war es, eine Art übers WLAN steuerbare Universalfernbedienung für sowohl Infrarot als auch Funksignale zu realisieren. Alle weiteren Informationen sowie der...

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Mar 2015 by Mario

Connect with FHEM via Telnet Port.

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Raspberry Pi Funksteckdosen...

Jan 2015 by Apfelsaft93

Socketserver zum Steuern und Automatisieren von Funksteckdosen mit einstellbarem Code.

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Jan 2015 by sirewgenij

RC Car basiert auf Arduino mega. MP3 Player+ Lautsprecher

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Vollautomatische Qualitätsp...

Dec 2014 by sirewgenij

The author has not provided a summary yet!

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Oct 2014 by mcgiver0510

Alternative WLAN/LAN Ferbedienung für Cloud IBOX 2 Plus

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Servo Control by NETIO via ...

Oct 2014 by IPTRAIN

7 Servos being controlled by NETIO via WiFi connection.. Raspberry Pi as a server, I2C connection to ATtiny4313 which controls Servos

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raspberry pi sprinkler cont...

May 2014 by HannComp92

This is a simple starting json file and perl program to echo out the commands sent from net IO. It is the start of a larger project to run a sprinkler system at my house. I didn't see a lot of per...

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New WLAN- RPI Product avail...

May 2014 by IPTRAIN

The author has not provided a summary yet!

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Mar 2014 by PacmanII

Use NetIO Controller in combination with my Middleware Application "LogoControl" to visualize and control your Siemens LOGO! over the Net.

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Controller for Rapiro (A Ra...

Feb 2014 by lacarte

A controller for the Raspberry Pi-brained robot. I am going to pack movement control as well as various functions includes camera related, voice recognition, text to speech etc into a single UI. Th...

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Jan 2014 by pfnegrini

I want to be able in the future to connect the robot with Internet, so I think a good starting point is to design a remote control running on my Android tablet. The target is to create something th...

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Turntable Control

Dec 2013 by IPTRAIN

Mobile Smartphone application is NETIO - especially configured to manage the Locomotive (Swiss “Crocodile”) shunting services and do the full TurnTable pivot control.

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Domoticz© Home Automation

Dec 2013 by elythomaslumber

Domoticz© is a very nice, flexible open and free HomeAutomation SW working on Windows and Linux environment. The GUI is available via a browser. For fast access, quick overview on main functions a...

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Dec 2013 by IPTRAIN

This is the Project WLANCOC, in which a project group engineers a WiFi Direct Control system between Smartphone and a Modeltrain (Garden Railway).

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Nov 2013 by Hmbtec

The author has not provided a summary yet!

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Arduino YUN

Nov 2013 by david.eickhoff

Use NetIO to control the new Arduino YUN!

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Sep 2013 by photron

Tinkerforge is a platform of stackable microcontroller building blocks. The hardware can be controlled by external programs written in various programming languages over a USB, Wi-Fi or Ethernet co...

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NetIO with Gnublin

Sep 2013 by eproo

NetIO with Gnublin.

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Light control with Arduino

Aug 2013 by josema

Guess fashion worn by LED strips and bulbs Philips HUE (and its recent announcement of its strip of LEDs) the idea of preparing this show. Using an Arduino Ethernet Shield UNO and we will control R...

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Jul 2013 by sub

I am building a RC/autonomous submarine and plan to control the boat with NetIO and obtain data from the boat via an onboard wifi router and a floating antenna. I am planning on using 5 servos, gy...

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NetIo - ArtnetNode

Jul 2013 by mcgiver0510

NetIO_to_DMX verbindet die App " NetIO Controller" mit dem " ArtnetNode " von Ulrich Radig unter Zuhilfenahme eines Protokolls.

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Steuerung Außenbeleuchtung

Jul 2013 by db4bd

Steuerung der Außenbeleuchtung meines Hauses mit Iphone per Wlan

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Arduino Home Control

Jul 2013 by geforce1994

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Weather Station with Arduin...

May 2013 by josema

I want to show an Arduino based weather station with data showing on mobile device through NetIO app. Hope you like it and excuse my english :)

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AVR Home Automation

Apr 2013 by david.eickhoff

The reason why I created the NetIO App. My self-made home automation device based on a AVR-Net-IO board from Pollin.

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WLAN controlled Raspberry P...

Apr 2013 by IPTRAIN

Battery powered Loco with an Raspberry Pi incorporated. Smartphone (with NetIO) controls Embedded System Raspberry PI in Loco via WiFi (WLAN) TCP/IP Link.

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Apr 2013 by jonas.eickhoff

A short demonstration about how to use NetIO to control XBMC over the HTTP interface.

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RaspberryPi RGB-LED Control

Mar 2013 by IPTRAIN

A Raspberry Pi Board is used to control RGB-LEDs via TCP/IP ("Internet") - connection (either Inhouse WiFi or remote via UMTS / DynDNS Services). Any Android Smartphone (new generation e.g. S...

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Mar 2013 by david.eickhoff

Steuerung von 380V Drehstrommotoren mit AVR-NET-IO Board und SIEMENS LOGO.

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HomeVision Control

Mar 2013 by rebel

The HomeVision NetIO Server provides an interface between the NetIO application and the HomeVision/HomeVision-Pro home automation controllers.

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Primeros pasos con NetIO y ...

Mar 2013 by josema

Es un montaje muy simple con Arduino para comprender el funcionamiento de NetIO en esta plataforma.

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Mar 2013 by jonas.eickhoff

reembox is a 10x11cm small box connected to the router and brings home devices to local network. Lights, TVs, Amps, LEDs or a coffee machine can be controlled with PCs or smartphones.

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Feb 2013 by mth

netio-project to control X10 home automation actuators like switches and shutters.

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